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Note: D'Lynn no longer keeps or breeds German angora rabbits.
I've replaced them with pure English angora rabbits.





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If you are looking for the Advantages and Disadvantages sheet, it is located below. I took it down but had many requests for it, so I'm putting it back up for the time being. I had it up originally as a "full disclosure" statement for my buyers. I don't believe in hiding the bad stuff from them as so many breeders do. After I placed all my German angoras, I didn't need it any more, but I've had many requests for the information, so here it is again. Click Here

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D'Lynn Strawberry and D'Lynn Melody Both born and bred here, though you'll see their pictures on other websites, those were used without permission

German Angora Rabbits. Developed in Germany, considered the production type of rabbit. blog

A change of direction at D'Lynn Wooly Bunnies

D'Lynn has now liquidated all of the German Angora stock that was here. The rabbitry is now building an awesome foundation herd of English angoras. The texture is superior to German angora, and while they do not give as much fiber in a year's time, the production is good considering they consume about half what a German angora would consume. The new stock comes from the very top breeders of English angoras in the nation and I am so happy to have them back in my rabbitry.


D'Lynn Wooly Bunnies - Only the Finest in Pedigreed English Angoras,

Chu's Clover Awesome English buck from Betty Chu

The following articles refer to most angora rabbits, not specifically German angora rabbits only.

NEW ARTICLE. By Lil Peck, interview with Betty Chu, leading angora breeder in the USA. Betty talks about the non-molting factor here.

How much does each type of fiber cost to produce? Click Here

One ounce of German angora fiber vs. 1 ounce of English angora fiber
Which produces the greater length of yarn?

Plucked angora fiber or Sheared angora fiber?
Be sure to
Read this, most of the information you'llhear is out of date.

Articles -New article - Just because the clipping weighs more, does it mean you are really getting more fiber? Or might English and Satin weigh less per yard of yarn of the same diameter.

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About VHD

Mucoid Enteriis -
Making the rounds of US rabbitries summer/fall 2009

Rabbit Dentistry, dispelling the myths

FAQ's About Angora Fiber & Yarn

Raising Orphaned Baby Bunnies
My experience hand raising a litter of orphans

German Angora Care
(just started, unfinished, unedited)

* Note: Most of the Articles are links to other sites

Facebook group about Angora Rabbits (all Breeds)


FAQ's About Angora Fiber & Yarn

fingering weight yarn in 60% angora, 40% merino. Singles, but strong & lofty with great halo. Does not bias. Does not shed 3,000 yds/lb. Carefully drafted for loft

Yarn is often available at D'Lynn Rabbitry. In the past, I've had 50%angora/50%finewool in natural white, 3,000 yds per lb, a TRUE lace weight yarn, suitable for machine knititng on a standard gauge machine. Also a very small amount of natural fawn 35% angora, 35% alpaca, 30 % shetland lamb in the same gauge. These yarns have been carefully designed to have a wonderful fuzzy halo, giving that luxurious fluffy angora feeling!

Read about the yarns here

German Angora Breeders club yarn, $6/oz
85 % angora, 15% merino in sport weight.
Compare at $10/ounce. Inquire
This yarn is SPORT weight @ 1200 yds/lb
Newer runs are 1600 yds/lb, still sport weight

Click below for more info on yarn classifications
click->Handknitting Yarn Classification chart
click->Explanation of machine/commercial coned yarn count

Super Fuzzy Baby Bootie made from 50% angora/ 50% merino
Available as a kit to knit a pair of these super soft fuzzies for a baby dear to you! Newborn size to 6 mo
. Made with yarn at left.


Free Pattern, to help keep your ears warm. This can be used on the above yarn, or any fingering to sport weight yarn.
The sample was done on hand spun Finn lambs wool which was a dye experiment, but I have used the above yarn to make these too, same pattern.

My Opera Blog (more current)

Spinning Angora Rabbit fiber

My Blogger Blog

Day to Day with Angora Rabbits



Inquire at bunnies4wool@yahoo.com These are part of a larger package of fiber objects, including Llama, Alpaca, Spinning wheel, etc.

Angora and Fiber Related Embroidery Designs from D'Lynn and Zip-Stitch

click to enlarge any picture in a new window

All designs copyrighted, do not copy or imitate in any way.


MidAmerica Angora Rabbit Breeders Club
Find out what is happening in the Midwest.
Like the National NARBC club show on April 5th!

Northern California Angora Breeders Guild Blog

Produces excellent newletter for angora growers everywhere. Most of your questions will be answered by it. Contact Betty Chu for details.

National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club
National club. The website is not updated very regularly, tho.


Chu's English Angoras
Lots of great info on this site, and lots of beutiful angora pictures.
Plus, Betty's show tally page - lots of beautiful pictures

United Angora Rabbit Club

An alternative to the NARBC formed in 2007
Free membership for now!

Margaret's Angora Rabbit Guide

Some of the info is dated now, but still a good place to start.

Candy's (English Angoras)
Candy is the person who developed the BEW English Angora. Many useful articles, including how to shear an angora, genetics booklet and philosophy of mixing breeds.

 Jan's Giants

Janet Gruber in NW Pennsylvania, specializing in rare angora colors, Otter & Black Giants & Satin Angoras. Blog

contact me to add your club or list


Plucked fiber? or Sheared fiber? read more ....
Much advice about this issue is out of date

FAQ's About Angora Fiber & Yarn

Spinning Angora and other exotic fibers
(yahoo list)

The Missing Ravelry posts.
Things got heated on Ravelry recently! I stated my experience and got attacked. The people concerned succeeded in getting the forum moderator to remove my posts. Here they are in case anyone is interested in seeing how vitriolic and illogical the GA defenders can be.

German Pages

If you read German, or just want to look at pictures, here are some sites in Germany about angoras

http://www.angorakaninchen.info/ (Be sure to check out the Russian angoras at http://www.angorakaninchen.info/a_liebhab/a_025_liebhab.html) Perlfeh's site for those who knew her, she passed away, but her site is maintained even yet

Interesting, because this site, written in German, seems to be drawing distinctions between breeds. The USA understanding of the German angora system was that it did NOT recognize separate breeds of angoras.

http://www.deutscher-widder-schwarz.de/langhaarrassen.htm (mostly links)

http://www.angora.de/ (Be sure to follow the links on this site, most informative)

http://www.angorakaninchen.de/ (The official angora club of Germany)

http://www.kaninchen-wuertt.de/ Another page about the Angora club

- Site about how German angoras are endangered and a dying breed in their country of origin.
I believe this has implications about it's usefulness as a wooler in this time.

http://www.angoraladen.de/ About angora textiles mostly

History of the German angora, from the German perspective.

Not a German site, but a very interesting article about Nazi angora rabbits, kept at the same camps where humans were. http://bluecrabboulevard.com/2007/02/09/nazi-rabbits/

(Summerizes the Wisconsin Historical Society's magazine) http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/whi/feature/angora/

Interesting Russian site About angora fiber in general



And to translate them for you a FREE webtranslator (not perfect)


Tweets by @Ladybyte



My more serious side, My blog about World Views
No pets, no hobbies, just world events, and my opinions

Note: While I don't exactly support the entire Tea Party agenda, I think it is vitally important to encourage 3rd parties in the USA since the 2 major parties have utterly failed us, completely ignoring the welfare of any but the super wealthy, no matter the cost to the electora

Liesl with 2 babies, August 2004

Some of my favorite DLynn Bunnies


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Info on care, breeding and fiber of English angoras


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How to spin luxury and exotic fibers-Also rabbit care & genetics


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Not a rabbit, but my 2 "other" fiber producers

Standard Poodle and Cocker

Leia, Standard Poodle 4 yrs. and Jazzie, 10 year old Cocker Spaniel





D'Lynn Rabbits


Yarn Classification


Yarn FAQ

Raising Orphans

Yarn Comparison


Yarn Kits



Indianapolis Realtor, Highly Recommended

(Cathy is no longer maintaining this site. I'm leaving the link up because she intends to resurrect it
some day and it was an invaluable source of informationon rabbit breeders)


German angoras may be shown as Giant angoras in ARBA & NARBC events. But they may not be
registered with ARBA and cannot accumulate "legs" toward championships.

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NOTE: Reds in German colored crosses are a work in progress. The density, while still far
greater than with any other breed, does not compare with a pure German angora - yet..


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